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  • What is a loss adjuster and what do they do?

    Loss adjusters are impartial third parties that assess your claim. They work with the best interests of both the policyholder and the insurance company and aim to achieve a fair outcome for both parties.

  • Do I have to use a builder recommended by the insurance company?

    Insurance companies will have a list of contractors they regularly use in your area however you are not obliged to use them. Should you decide to appoint your own contractor your insurance company will probably ask you to supply two quotes. Heron Construction is recommended by several well-known insurance companies and we are happy to supply free quotations.

  • Do I pay the builder or will the insurance company pay the builder directly?

    In most cases, the insurance company will pay the builder directly. Heron Construction will handle your claim free of charge.

  • How can I make the claims process run smoothly?

    Heron Construction has carried out Insurance Work in Northern Ireland for 25 years. There are a few simple things that policyholders can do to help ensure that the process runs smoothly.

    • Get a detailed assessment – take photographs – general pictures of the damage and also more detailed pictures.
    • Make copies – keep copies of all correspondence regarding your damage claim.
    • Use Experts – using a building company with experience dealing with your specific situation for example water or fire damage will be advantageous to you in the long run. Ask your contractor to show you pictures of damages they have dealt with in the past.
  • ​Do you offer a free estimation service?

    ​Yes, we are happy to call to your property and give you an estimate of costs. We aim to offer value for money and a high quality of service for all jobs, large and small.

  • ​Do you operate a call out charge?

    ​No, we don’t charge for initial call outs. If we can fix the problem when we are on site, we will always advise you of any charges before we commence the job.

  • ​I’ve just bought a house with a Septic Tank? How often should it be emptied and is this a service that you offer?

    Septic tanks do need to be emptied but how often will depend on two factors, the size of the septic tank and the number of people using it. Frequency of emptying a septic tank can vary from once every year for an average size tank and a family of four in the home to once every 3-4 years for only one person residing in a property with the same sized tank.

  • What is a Septic System?

    A septic tank is basically an individual on-site sewage treatment and disposal system buried into the ground. They would be very common in rural areas. Wastewater from the home is treated in the tank and the cleaner water is redistributed back into the environment. It is very important to ensure that the system is working properly as a faulty septic tank can quickly pollute waterways, wells and the ground.

  • ​We have inherited a property with a septic tank but we have no idea where it is located?

    Heron Construction specialise in working with septic tank systems. We can call to the property and will be able to advise you on the exact location of your tank. We will also be able to tell you if it’s functioning properly. Should we discover any potential issues, Heron Construction will be able to help you resolve them before they become larger problems. Septic tanks can be expensive to completely replace, so it is wise to invest in regular maintenance to avoid problems later on.

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